About Us


Tom's house, the 90s

Are we brothers? No, but close enough, we've been best mates since we were 9. We spent most of our school time drawing stupid cartoons, then when we learned how to use Flash, that became animating stupid cartoons. Then when we became English teachers, we started using those stupid cartoons in our lessons to teach in a funny way.

Han River, South Korea.

Why do we make weird lessons?

We've always done strange and new things. We never liked the idea of NOT doing something ridiculous to teach a lesson. Our philosophy is: If it's funny, you'll remember it! That's why we try to make each lesson a little bit weird or even a little bit disgusting. If you remember what the lesson was and you can use it in the future, we've done our job!

Want to contact us?

We'd love to hear from you! send us a message on YouTube and I promise we'll get back to you!